Allstate Sponsored Videos (19-28)

Created sponsored videos for Allstate Insurance with tips on traveling, finances, weddings, food, health, and home.

1) 6 Health Foods That Are Secretly Bad For You

2) How Long Certain Foods Will Keep in Your Fridge

3) 7 Expenses You’re Forgetting to Include in Your Budget

4) 6 Red Flags to Look for in a Job Offer

5) 5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Household Clutter

6) 4 Non-Salary Benefits You Should Negotiate

7) 5 Hosting Etiquette FAQs

8) 5 Nutrients We Don’t Get Enough Of

9) 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Profiles SFW (Suitable for Work)

10) 6 Exercises to Help You Stay Limber at Work