Concept Overview Mood Boards
Developed and presented several mood boards to the client based on their goals and initial research, keeping four key aspects in mind:

  • Individuality—this core value of the audience should be echoed in the brand and express that same joy of being original and unique
  • Sense of Motion—visual design should have movement and energy
  • Color—palette should be vibrant and energetic, different from the mostly red and black palettes of the competition
  • Inclusivity—design should be gender neutral and not too young, too old.

These were a great discussion point and foundation for visualizing and zeroing in on the brand’s final direction.

Anatomy of the Logo
This custom logo is based on the client’s initial sketches and concept of merging a “3” with a “5” to phonetically say “thrive,” but to also speak to the duality of the brand in its goal to protect customer’s heads inside and out. Several options were presented to the client, and the final version is a mix of gothic typefaces the client was drawn to as well as a 3D graffitieffect that’s popular in skateboarding culture.

Logo Alternate
To expand the visuals for additional product merchandise like T-shirts and water bottles sold in the online store, an alternate logo was also created with a strong graffiti vibe.

Responsive Website Prototype
Created an e-commerce website prototype for desktop and mobile using these brand guidelines. You can view the high-fidelity prototypes or read the full case study.

Thrive Helmet Co. Branding

Developed custom branding assets for the new company to launch a sustainable helmet targeting a diverse skateboarding audience. Assets include a logo and how to use it, color palette, typography, as well as key design elements and photography direction for marketing, promotion, and website development.

Also created a high-fidelity website prototype using these guidelines.


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