Music & Arts Catalog Cover

Music & Arts Catalog Cover Designed the winning cover for the Music & Arts Catalog, mailed to educational musicians around the country. SERVICESPage Design

Intel Interactive Advertorial

Intel Interactive Advertorial Developed an interactive multi-paged advertorial for Intel, seen in the tablet version of Mental Floss magazine. SERVICESPage Design, Marketing

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads Designed ads for Mental Floss and The Week magazines promoting various initiatives for readers. SERVICESPage Design

Magazine Advertorials

Magazine Advertorials Designed and project managed a variety of advertorials for various magazines.   For Subaru, we did a custom photoshoot and write-up on actual Subaru owners who love their cars. SERVICESPage Design, Marketing

mental_floss Magazine

mental_floss Magazine Designed departments, columns, and special sections for mental_floss, as well as scouted and hired illustrators. Retouched, colorized, and collaged images as needed. SERVICESPage Design

Mental Floss Features

Mental Floss Features Designed features for mental_floss magazine. SERVICESPage Design

Southern Living Idea House Booklet

Southern Living Idea House Booklet Designed a 40-page promotional piece for attendees of the Southern Living Idea House in Nashville, Tennessee. Booklet included all of the finishes and sponsored products used in the home. SERVICESPage Design, Marketing

Coastal Living Features

Coastal Living Features Designed and mocked up features and departments for Coastal Living magazine. SERVICESPage Design

Outdoor Living Magazine Features

Outdoor Living Magazine Features Designed the interior, cover, and 40 custom recipe diagrams for the book Cocktails Made Simple. SERVICESPage Design

Outdoor Living Magazine

Outdoor Living Magazine Designed the entire Lowe's Creative Ideas for Outdoor Living, including a new logo, all departments, and features. Art directed and styled all original photography for the fall issue of the magazine. SERVICESPage Design